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Notes From Pavis goes GenCon

 Notes From Pavis (and a RQ Encounter Generator content creator ) will be visiting GenCon 2015 over the weekend. Mission: Get the Adventures in Glorantha. Preparing for the visit… my first one… Looking forward to talking with all the Glorantha and RQ fans and creators out there…

The T-Shirt Front

The T-Shirt Front

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T Shirt Back

The Info Card

The Info Card


More Sea Monsters of Glorantha

Here is a taste of more sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator  inspired by the excellent Hearts In Glorantha Collection, volume 1

There are many more monsters in the Hearts in Glorantha Collection – like Geysers, Whirlpools, Tentacled things and boatloads of enemies in the sea and scenario seeds.

More Sea Monsters are available here