Combat Special Effects updated for Mythras Full Edition


Mythras full edition has been launched a short while ago. It brings quite a few new special effects with it and also small changes from Mythras Imperative. These will be nice additions to already very smooth and tactical play of Runequest 6.

The game play will be even more interesting with the new Prepare Counter, Remise, Marksman, Pin Down, Drop Foe, Overpenetration and Scar Foe. There are others as well. The new combat cards look to be a cool way to handle the multitude of special effect.

Pay attention to Regain Footing action change as well. Spirit combat looks to be more interesting – have to dive down to that one.

Here are the Special Effect GM Screens updated for Mythras Full edition.  Only the portrait versions have been updated for now.

All the charts are available here. Old ones will remain available here



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