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Pregenerated Characters for Mythras – Nomad Herders and Warriors in Prax and Elsewhere

Games Master will sometimes need quickly a set of player characters. Perhaps it is for a one off at convention or otherwise. Perhaps there was a TPK or you had one new player on baord without a character. Though character generation is fun it may take awhile – so in this series of posts a way to generate quickly some pregenerated characters.

Previous installments of pregenerated characters for Mythras/Rq6 Encounter Generator tackled some city folk and barbarians.

Now is the time for the noble nomads. These can be used either in Prax in Glorantha or anywhere using the animal names as just names of the tribes.

First some herders

..and then some warriors to protect them

You will also find a pregenerated nomad party, most likely in Paps or near Pavis city walls as so many different tribes together is likely to cause strife.

What are you waiting for – go make ambush already in Plains of Prax or hire out to protect a merchant caravan or go looting he Big Rubble in front of you


Link Your Gloranthan Character with Gloranthan History

One of the easiest ways to get your players tied to the Gloranthan background is to have them read one of the fabulous “What My Father Told Me” about their Gloranthan culture and one of the “What Everyone Knows About XXX” – for example this for Afadjann in Fonrit. Some of them are linked here. One could also ask the players to read Cults of Prax or even parts of Guide to Glorantha but that might be asking a lot of them.

Here is a new way of integrating character to Gloranthan history and environment. It uses the information in Gloranthan Timelines where the historical events of Glorantha are tied to generations of family.

Here is an example of the links produced.

Our History in Dragon Pass – My GreatGrandPa: In 1538 at Dragon Pass my GreatGrandFather was part of Palashee Longaxe Rebellion and overthrow of Lunars 

Our History in DragonPass – GrandPa: In 1569 at Dragon Pass my GrandFather was in the camp Jarosar, king of Sartar killed by Lunar spirits

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Parents: In 1605 at Holy Country my Father was fighting as a mercenary when Building Wall Battle thwarts invasion of the Lunar Empire into the Holy Country. 

Our History in Dragon Pass – My Time: In 1613 at Dragon Pass member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) fought for freedom in Starbrow’s Rebellion- Outraged by Lunar presence and urged by social unrest – Sartarites rebelled in force and temporarily expelled the Lunar Army. Lunars regrouped and defeated the rebels 

It contains all of the historical dates published in Guide to Glorantha, Wyrms Footnotes and couple of other publications. It ties them down to what the family member of that generation was doing on that event. This very first version only have the paternal ancestors, next one will contain also maternal ancestors and more variation. Currently it only tackles Dragon Pass and the immediate surroundings but eventually will return to my current favorite area Fonrit.

Background generation generates also parent, sibling and extended family information in addition to connections and family reputation all generated according to Mythras/Rq6. In addition it also generates generic background events.

You can generate all of this by using an Encounter Generator party called

You will also find that the Pregenerated Characters for your games contain this information either for all or some generations.




Pregenerated Characters for Mythras – Barbarians, City Priests and Thieves

Once in a while you need to be able to get the game started quickly and character generation while cool in itself can take a while, even a sizeable portion of the game session. So here the Encounter Generator comes to rescue

Here is a set of ready made characters roughly following the character generation process of Mythras (fits for RQ6 as well). It will create all of the skills for the professions and civilization types chosen, typical armor, all the combat style traits. It even contains the social class, background events, connections, information about parents, siblings and extended family and the family reputation. For Glorantha it also contains some bits of family history.

You will also find a few more pregenerated characters – most of them adhering to above

In the previous post I had already available

These can be generated in groups

The following new feature tables were added

  • Connections
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Extended Family
  • Social Class – Barbarian
  • Social Class – Civilized
  • Reputation
  • Background events

So now there is no excuse in getting the group around the table quickly into action in the game of Mythras.


Who says Dorastor has all the fun – join the Cwim’ming party

Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that you should avoid Teshnos and Wastelands close by  it on the Wilddays as Cwim is having his daily walks.

Created the old favorite

from the Gloranthan Secrets book. He joins the Encounter Generator’s chaotic party with his small friends

who are spitting image of himself. For convenience there is now

which contains the Cwim itself, gorps he throw and the spit monsters.

It would be good to know about his arriva a bit beforehand as the party might need some preparing. So I created random party table for Foreshadowing the Encounter. It can be attached to any party and it can provide some clues that an encounter might be occurring. Some examples would be

  • locals fleeing the encounter
  • carrion animals associated with encounter gathering
  • Spoor of the encounter found
  • Footprints made by the encounter
  • Wildlife alarmed by the closeness of the encounter
  • Favorite food animal of the encounter growing alarmed

and so on.This is attached now to Cwim’ming party but will in time be attached to other parties as well.

Here are few other Chaos encounters from earlier posts



2500 Encounter Templates – Demons, Nightgaunts, Undead,Foxwomen and Sea Wolves

Mythras Encounter Generator reached a boundary of 2500 Encounter Templates today. It is quite a ride since August 2013 when I first learned of the RQ Encounter Generator and started to contribute to it.

Here are few of the new ones I created during this weekend.

Animals for Glorantha or other places

Chaos creatures

Intelligent beings

Undead and demonic beings

Here are some old posts to get the best out of the encounter generator

Daimons Are Forever – or return to Anaxial’s Roster – again

Here is a set of missing creatures for Mythras Encounter Generator based on Anaxial’s Roster.  These can be somewhat rare – or even extremely rare. Some of them even the stronger parties would probably not like to encounter.

The daimons and elemental spirits are inspired by both the Anaxial’s Roster and Nikk Effingham’s excellent post on elementals 

There exists about 40 Luathan warriors in the Genertela continent – here is one of them, one of the less skilled ones.

Here are some trophies to gather or protect based on your parties’ instincts.

Grazer’s horses are legendary. If you manage to get one – most likely others will want it from you.

Encounter Generator Returns to Anaxial’s Annex

After a brief break here are a few additions to Encounter Generator to help Mythras and RQ6 referees create new NPC’s and other encounters.

Pamaltelan continent




Monster Island